by Jerry Vines

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Freed from the Curse! (6 of 17)
Born AGAIN Free
Jerry Vines
Galatians 3:6-14

Galatians is the book which tells us that we have been
set free in the Lord Jesus Christ. We are born again
free. We are not born free by means of our physical
birth; we are born free if we are born in this
country, but we are not born free spiritually. But
when we are born again we are free in the Lord Jesus

There were some teachers, who had come along after
Paul in the churches of Galatia, who were trying to
put these young believers back in bondage. They were
trying to say to them--"Paul is fine as far as he
goes, but he didn't give you the whole story. You have
to know Christ as your Savior, but you also have to do
good works. You have to keep the law of God if you are
really going to be a Christian."

Paul is writing in response to this. In the third and
fourth chapters of Galatians he is digging in and
doing what we call Bible teaching. He is giving
doctrine. He is building the case that salvation is by
grace through faith in the Lord Jesus Christ based
upon His death at the cross of Calvary.

With that in mind look at verse 6 and following. These
verses are a little difficult to understand. I'm going
to try to unpack them for you and break it down into
simple sections for you so you will understand. It is
very important that you do so. You have to keep in
mind that God has only one way of salvation. There is
only one Gospel. There is only one Savior. There is
only one way to heaven. All people who ever will be
saved, ever are being saved, or ever have been saved
are all saved in the same way. All people are saved by
grace, through faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. That's
God's plan of salvation. It will never, ever change.

Paul is proving this point. He has maintained in the
first two chapters of Galatians that this is exactly
what salvation is all about. It is not by the works of
the law ...

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