by Jerry Vines

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Walking The Gospel (4 of 17)
Born AGAIN Free
Dr. Jerry Vines
Galatians 2:11-21

In the first two chapters of the book of Galatians,
the Apostle Paul is really giving us his personal
testimony. In the first chapter he starts off by
telling us about his conversion experience--how he
came to know the Lord. He told about those early years
after his conversion when he went to the desert of
Arabia. Then he tells us about the vindication of his
ministry and messages which he received when he went
to Jerusalem for the Jerusalem Council. This is
recorded for us in Acts 15.

Now, he is continuing his personal testimony and he is
telling us about a confrontation he had with the
Apostle Peter. It is a rather interesting situation.
The key to this is found in verse 14 where Paul says,
"When I saw that they walked not uprightly according
to the truth of the Gospel." The word, walk, is where
we get our word, orthopedic. Literally it means
"straight foot." So when he says they walked not
uprightly he is saying that they didn't walk with a
straight foot--according to the truth of the gospel.

He has already mentioned the truth of the gospel. Look
back up at the 5th verse. There he talks about that
the truth of the gospel might continue in you. There
he is putting emphasis on the truth of the gospel
being believed. The truth of the gospel--death,
burial, and resurrection of Jesus.

Now, down in verse 14 he uses that same phrase--the
truth of the gospel. Here is talking about the gospel
being behaved. The gospel is something not only to be
believed; it is also something to be behaved. You must
not only talk the talk; you must walk the walk.

The first poem I memorized after I was called to
preach is this little poem:

You are writing a gospel
A chapter each day.
By deeds that you do
By words that you say.

Men read what you write
Whether faithless or true.
Say, what is the gospel
According to y ...

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