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Another Day in Paradise (14 of 14)
Series: World In A Week
Jerry Vines
Genesis 2

I won't deal with every verse in depth, but I want to give you the overall picture because actually this climaxes our study of the creation. We have been looking at Genesis 1 and the six days of creation. Actually, you have to have the second chapter to finally put it all together. I intend to move right on through the book of Genesis on Sunday nights. You are going to have an exciting time as we study it together.

The first four verses of this second chapter complete the account of creation given to us in chapter 1. In chapter 1 we have the chronological account of the days of creation. Six days. Now we come to verses 1 through 4 in the second chapter and we have the account of the seventh day. We are told that it was on the seventh day and God has finished His worked and that God rested on that day.

In Scripture the number seven is the number of perfection or the number of completeness. Now we have completeness. We have perfection. On this day God has completed His work of creation. He has finished His work.

Then the Bible says that on that day God rested. We have to understand what that means. It is not that God was worn out. Not that God was tired and had to take a rest. We are specifically told in Isaiah 40, verse 28 that the Lord, the Creator faints not, neither is he weary. So it is not a rest of exhaustion. It is a rest of completion. It is a time of celebration when God celebrates the wonderful creation which He has brought into existence.

The word, rest, is the Hebrew word, Shabbat. It is the word from which we get the word, Sabbath. Of course, we know the Bible teaches about the Sabbath. We aren't going into detail about that now. I have done that in other messages. But let me just say to you that we have here God's rest of creation. It is the completion of His great work of creation.

We know later on that that rest of creation is going to be inter ...

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