by Jerry Vines

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You are Awesome! (13 of 14)
World in a Week
Jerry Vines
Genesis 1:26-31

We have been studying together the six days of
creation given to us in Genesis chapter 1. It is the
definitive account in all of literature of how the
universe came into existence and how you and I came
into existence. As we have been moving through these
days of creation, we have been aware that we are
moving toward some goal, that there is a purpose to
everything that is being said. With each one of these
days and the creative work which takes place there, we
are astonished and we are astounded and we are filled
with awe, but we are aware that we are moving

When we come to the sixth day we have the account of
the animals first of all. Glorious indeed is what the
Bible tells us about the creation of the animals in
verses 24 and 25. Then in verse 26 he says, "And God
said, let us make man..." When that statement occurs
in this picture we see the purpose of it all. Man is
the zenith of God's creation. Man is the apex of
God's creative work. Man is the capstone of everything
that He intended to do.

Someone has said that man is the supreme product off
the assembly line of God's creative process.

Six times, in the creation account building up to the
sixth day, we are told that God did a certain thing
then the Bible says, "And it was good." But when you
come to the sixth day, the creation of man, verse 31
says that God saw everything that He had made and
"Behold it was VERY good." The Living Bible
paraphrases it, "Excellent in every way."

There is something special about man. Man is distinct
from the animals. You are no mere animal. You are not
some higher form of the animal world. But you are
special. You are created by God in a unique and in a
special way.

In Hamlet, Shakespeare says this, "What a piece of
work is man. How noble in reason. How infinite in
faculty. In form and moving, ho ...

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