by Jerry Vines

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Making of a Man (12 of 14)
World in a Week
Jerry Vines
Genesis 1:26-31

We are on the sixth day of creation. We are told in
Genesis 1, verses 24 and 25 that God brought into
existence the animals and the animal kingdom. Now, in
verses 26 and following we are told also that on that
sixth day that God created mankind, used generically.
Man and woman. Human kind. Male and female.

There are three very important questions which you
need answers for in your own personal life. Every
person needs to have the answer to these three
questions. Who am I? Where did I come from? Where am I
going? Those are the three basic questions of human
existence. Now there are two very opposing views which
provide answers for these questions.

There is the view of creation and there is also the
view of evolution. For instance, who am I? Creation
says that you are a person created in the image of
God. Evolution says that you are just a higher form of
the animal.

Where did I come from? Creation says that you came
from the creative hand of God. Evolution says that you
came from a pool of slime.

Where am I going? Creation says that having been
created by God, having the image and the likeness of
God, that you are going toward eternity. Out there in
eternity, you will be somewhere forever in a place
called heaven or in a place called hell. Evolution
says that when it is all over, you just die like a
dog. That is the end of your existence. There is
nothing more to it. There is no more consciousness
beyond your death. When you die, you are dead like a
dog and it is all over.

These are the two opposing views about who man is,
where man came from, and where man is going. You
cannot reconcile the two. There has been an attempt to
reconcile them. It is known as theistic evolution.
There are some who seek to accommodate the theories of
science and bring their theology into agreement with
science. They say ...

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