by Jerry Vines

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Of Monkeys and Men (10 of 14)
World in a Week
Jerry Vines
Genesis 1:24-25

In our survey and investigation of the days of
creation, we are aware that there is a parallel
between the sixth day of creation and the third day.
You may recall that on the third day the Bible tells
us that the God formed the earth and that God filled
the earth with luscious vegetation. Now, on the sixth
day there is a parallel because that day tells us
about God filling the earth with the animals and with

So in day three, God forms the earth. Now, in day six,
God fills the earth with animals and people.

You can't help but notice as you move along through
these days of creation that there seems to be a
crescendo building. There seems to be a progress going
on. There seems to be a development upward going on.
God is getting this creation ready for an inhabitant.
God is getting ready for men to live on this earth. So
there is a sense of anticipation. There is a sense of
building interest as we move through these days of
creation - especially when we get to the next message
after this one which tells us about the creation of
people on the sixth day.

But tonight, I want us to deal specifically with the
creation of the animals. We are told that on the sixth
day God created the animals.

The theory of evolution takes the position that people
came from the animals. That we are descended from
animal creation. In fact, they really say it begins
before that. They say that back there, somewhere in
the beginning of it all, there was a single cell.
Perhaps there was an amoeba cell and this became a
paramecium. At some point in time this became a
creature of the sea. At some point in time this
creature of the sea became a reptile. Then after
millions and billions of years of evolutionary
development, this reptile became a bird. After a
period of evolution and development this bird became
an animal. Somewh ...

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