by Jerry Vines

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Day Five: Fish and Fowl (9 of 14)
Series: World in a Week
Jerry Vines
Genesis 1:20-23

On the fifth day, the Bible tells us about God creating the fish for the sea and the fowl for the sky. We have been following these days of creation and we have observed that in the first three days of creation, God is forming the various spaces for life to exist. He has formed the sky. He has formed the sea. He has formed the earth.

In the final three days of God's creation, we learn that God fills what He has formed. On the fourth day we are told that for the stellar heavens, God has formed the heavenly bodies - the sun, the moon, and the stars. There is no evidence at that point that there is any life in the stellar atmosphere. We have no scientific evidence, nor is there any evidence given to us in the Bible that there is any form of life in the stellar heavens. There are those who have theorized that's how life began on the earth.

I mentioned to you that some have suggested that a meteor came very close to the earth and in the course of coming close to the earth, a germ of life dropped off and fell to the earth. There is no evidence scientifically; there is certainly no indication in the Bible that this is true.

Then we are told about God creating the plant life. There God created organic life. Life that existed, but it is a different form of life. In these verses I have read to you tonight we are told again - God created. It is the first time that it says God created since the earlier verses of the chapter. So we have the creation of God of conscious life. Plants have organic life, but they do not have brains. They do not have nervous systems. Now, the Bible says God creates conscious life - the fish of the sea and the fowl for the air.

We are going talk about the fact that God did this by direct decree. The theory of evolution takes the position that all of this evolved over a long period of time. Millions, yea even billions of years, through random cha ...

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