by Jerry Vines

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Day Four: Sun, Moon and Stars (8 of 14)
World In A Week
Jerry Vines
Genesis 1:14-19

As you study the days of creation given to us by
divine inspiration in Genesis 1, you will notice that
there is a parallel in the first three days and the
last three days. In the first three days we are given
the account of how God created three very special
spaces. God created the sky - the seas - and the
earth. So on days one-three we find God forming the

In days four through six we see that God fills these
special places. We find God forming the universe and
then we find God filling the universe. We are looking
at the fourth day. On this day we have the account of
God bringing into existence the heavenly bodies - the
luminaries - the sun, the moon, and the stars.

We read about this in Genesis 1, verses 14-19. We find
a lengthy description. We also find that there is a
great deal of repetition in the things that are said
here. You will find that the Word of God gives us a
beautiful account of the sun, the moon, and the stars.

It says that the Lord is to put these luminaries in
the firmament. The language there is the language of
appearance. He is describing how the heavenly bodies
look when we view them from the earth. We know that
literally the sun, the moon, and the stars are not in
our atmosphere. But view them from our vantage point
it looks like they are in the firmament.

So here we have the language of appearance - the sun,
the moon, and the stars.

The word which is translated lights in verse 14 is a
different word from the word translated light in verse
3. In Genesis 1, verse 3 it says, "Let there be
light." Now in verse 14 it says, "Let there be lights"
(plural). It is a different word. It really means,
light holders. Or it means light beacons. Or it means
light luminaries - light bearers.

I want us to think about these heavenly bodies, these
luminaries this evening. N ...

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