by Jerry Vines

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Day Three: Seas and Seeds (7 of 14)
World in a Week
Jerry Vines
Genesis 1:9-13

Here you have, in one simple paragraph, the gathering
of the seas, the appearing of the earth, and the
scattering of the seed. One simple paragraph and yet
men have written thousands and thousands of books to
try to explain what is revealed in that one simple

As we have been studying the days of creation, I have
tried to underscore to you that nothing we find here
is contradicted by any known fact of science. Nothing
here is inconsistent with what we know to be true in
the realm of science.

It is true, however, that there are some things that
we will find here in theses verses which contradict
some of the theories of science.

Evolution is a theory which has taken the day in the
scientific community. I would like to remind you that
the earliest scientists took their impudence from the
Christian faith. It was from the Christian faith that
modern science was born. In the Bible God commands man
to subdue the earth, to conquer the earth, and to have
dominion over the earth. Because of this godly men
came to understand that to study God's creation was to
study the work of God Himself. Most of the early
scientists were creationists. I mean by that - most of
the scientists believed in creation. There saw no
contradiction between believing in a personal, divine
creator and believing in the facts of science also.

As we shall see as we move through these studies,
there were those godly men who founded many of the key
areas of science. But when the theory of Darwin came
along in the 1800s with his theory of evolution, there
was a shift in the scientific community.

Evolution is the theory that tries to explain for the
existence of creation without the necessity of a
creator. It is the view that all higher forms of life
gradually evolved, sometimes over millions or billions
of years, from lower f ...

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