by Jerry Vines

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Day Two: The Sky (6 of 14)
Series: World in a Week
Jerry Vines
Genesis 1:6-8

We pursue our study of the creation week. I'm calling these messages A World in a Week. We are looking tonight at day two of God's creation.

Suppose you are riding in your neighborhood and you come past a lot which has been vacant for a period of time. On this particular day, as you pass by, you observe that activity is going on there. Equipment has been moved in and a grading process is taking place. You come back on successive days and you discover that men are now moving in and beginning to dig. As you come back on successive days you find they are pouring cement into the ditches that have been dug. As you continue to go by that lot, you will discover that other activity is going on. You find, for instance, that they have laid a slab of cement over that land which has been prepared. Very soon you discover that framers are coming in and they are beginning to put up wooden frames. As you continue to go by there, day by day, you watch the progress and you see what is taking place. Bricklayers move in and lay the brick. On the inside you see men beginning to put up sheetrock. You see a roof over that structure. As you continue to go you observe all of this kind of activity and a variety of systems being placed in. Electrical systems are placed in. Air conditioning and heating systems are being placed in. It becomes very apparent to you that something is going on there which is preparatory in nature. Something is happening, on what was once a vacant lot, which was designed and built in order for an occupant. Very soon you have come to believe that someone going to be moving in.

When you begin to read the account of creation given to us in Genesis chapter one, that is exactly what you find. As you begin to go through the successive days of creation, you discover that God is making preparation. God is designing and building a universe in a particular way and that it is uniquel ...

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