by Jerry Vines

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God and the Rocks (4 of 14)
World in a Week
Jerry Vines
Genesis 1:1-3

I'm getting out of the first verse now. I have been in
Genesis the first chapter and first verse for about a
month. We are going to move to the second verse, and
at that rate it will take us 782 years to get through
the book of Genesis.

I want to talk with you a little while tonight out of
the second verse of the first chapter of Genesis. The
focus shifts in the second verse to the earth. In
verse 1, God created the heavens and the earth, now He
turns to the earth and puts our attention there.

The question arises -- how old is the earth upon which
we live? There are many scientists who say the earth
is 4.5 billion years old. There are Bible teachers who
say that the earth is much younger than this -- maybe
ten to eight thousand years old. It's what you call a
"young earth creationist." I take that position. I
believe that the earth is old in terms of thousands of
years rather than millions and billions of years. I
take the position that true science and true Bible
interpretation are never in contradiction. When you
find what science truly says and when you find what
the Bible truly teaches, they will not be in

God is the author of two books. God is the author of
His book, the Scripture. He is also the author of His
book, nature. You read about God in the Scriptures.
You look at God's universe and you learn about God in

So if God is the author of both books, then we would
not expect there to be contradiction in the books
which God has written.

Somebody says, "Of course, you have to understand that
the Bible is not a science book. So when the Bible
speaks on scientific subjects, it may not be exactly
correct." I have never been comfortable with the
position that when God writes a book and when God
talks about scientific matters, He may not be correct.
It makes no logical sense to ...

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