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God and Cosmology (2 of 14)
World in a Week
Jerry Vines
Genesis 1:1

I spoke last week on Genesis 1, verse 1 and I will
speak this evening on Genesis 1, 1. I think I will
speak the next message on Genesis 1, 1. After we walk
around in that verse for about three weeks, we'll move
to the second verse and see what we can do on that.

Cosmology is the study of the origin of the universe.
It is a scientific discipline. It is a study which
has to do with how the world began--the beginnings of
things. When we look at what science has to say about
cosmology, we must remind ourselves that we are
dealing, in the realm of science, with a matter which
is beyond the scientific method.

The scientific method, as I understand it, is based
upon observation. Observations are made and then
experiments are conducted. On the basis of
experiments, hypotheses or theories are purported and
then as result of that axioms and truths are laid

I would remind you that technically science has
nothing to say about how the universe began. There was
only one eyewitness when the world was brought into
existence. In the beginning God created the heavens
and the earth is the only eyewitness statement we have
of how the world came into being. So when we think in
terms of the origins of the universe from a scientific
point of view, we must always keep in mind we are
taking in the realm of theory.

What we believe about the origin of the universe
ultimately becomes a matter of faith. By faith,
science believes certain things. By faith, certain
deductions are made in the realm of science. By faith,
as believers in the Bible and in the Lord Jesus
Christ, we believe God created the world.

In Hebrews 11, verse 3, it says, "Through faith we
understand that the worlds were created." It is a
mater of faith. There are certain theories of
cosmology. For many years the leading theory was the
Steady State theory. It ...

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