by Jerry Vines

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The "Is" Generation (11 of 12)
Proverbs for Parents
Jerry Vines
Proverbs 30:11-14

I have been pursuing a series of messages which I have
called Proverbs for Parents. We are coming now to the
30th chapter. There may be one more message in the
series, and then I will complete this particular
study. This morning the subject is The "Is"

Our generation today might well be called the "is"
generation. The philosophers refer to it as the "post-
modern" generation. Sociologists would say that it is
the "me" generation or the "feel good" generation. But
I think we would not be out of line to say that this
may indeed be the "is" generation.

It was brought together when the former president,
speaking before the Grand Jury in order to evade the
truth said, "It all depends on what the meaning of the
word 'is' is." That said it all about the "is"

The "is" generation is a generation where truth is
relative. Where words can be made to define anything
you want to define and where what really matters is
how you feel about a particular situation. The "Is"

In a similar kind of way the verses which I have read
to you from our passage this morning talks about the
"is" generation. We are told at the beginning of the
30th chapter of Proverbs that these are the words of
Agur. Some have questions whether or not this is
Solomon or some other individual intended. I
personally tend to agree with the Jewish Talmud which
says that Solomon had six names and this name was one
of those names. The word, Agur, means one who convenes
- one who gathers the people together for instruction.
Solomon was a preacher, as we learned from the book of

It is almost as if Solomon is coming to the climatic
point in his proverbs for parents throughout the book
of Proverbs. He says, "Now I want to convene together
and preach you a sermon and warn you parents, whatever
you ...

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