by Jerry Vines

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Alcohol and Children (10 of 12)
Series: Proverbs for Parents
Jerry Vines
Proverbs 23:29-35

I want to talk with you this morning about a controversial subject - the use of alcohol. I want to make what I have to say as clear as I possibly can. I don't want anybody to miss the message - especially I want boys and girls to understand.

I heard about a Sunday School teacher who was trying to speak to her boys and girls on the evils of alcohol. She brought in a jar filled with alcohol and some worms. She said, ''Boys and girls, look at this.'' She took the worms and dropped them down in the alcohol and the worms immediately died. She said, ''Now children, what lesson does that teach you?'' One little boy raised his hand and said, ''I know. If you drink alcohol you won't get worms.''

I want to be very, very clear this morning. I don't want anybody to miss my message. This is a subject about which I feel very, very strong. Because of that sometimes I get carried away. So I am purposely setting out to be as deliberate and as calm as I possibly can. In America it is a controversial subject. It is not controversial in our First Baptist Church fellowship. Our church has had through the years, and continues to have, a position of total abstinence. We ask those who serve in any leadership capacity in our church to make a personal commitment - no use of alcohol. The deacons of our church sign a written pledge - no use of alcohol. No one who teaches anywhere in our fellowship is to use alcohol in any way. So it is not controversial in terms of our fellowship here, but I am speaking to a larger audience. I am aware of the fact that in America that I am in a distinct minority when it comes to this subject.

Seventy-one percent of the adults of America use alcohol. That figure has doubled in the last 25 years. Seventy-three percent of all high school students use alcohol. By the time they reach drinking age, I'm told 93% of the boys and 83% of the girls in high school h ...

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