by Jerry Vines

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Proverbs for Parents
Jerry Vines
Proverbs 22:6

I'm speaking on a very controversial subject this
morning. Theses messages are a part of a series of
studies I am giving for parents and the training of
their children. You say, "I don't have any children
and am through with the bringing up days of my
children so there's not going to be much for me here
today." But I think there will before it is over so
don't tune me out just yet. I want you to hear the
message. I think you will find that God will have some
special things for you.

We are in the 22nd chapter of the book of Proverbs. We
will be moving around to a number of verses of
Scripture in Proverbs. We begin in Proverbs 22, verse
6. This is a very familiar verse of Scripture. Here is
God's word to parents. "Train up a child in the way he
should go and when he is old he will not depart from

I'm speaking this morning on child brutality and the
Bible. I'm talking about what the Bible has to say
about the matter of spanking of children. You are
aware that this is a very controversial subject in our
society. The new head of the Florida Child Services,
when he was being brought in and the word got out that
he had written some articles favorable to the subject
of spanking of children, that became a very
controversial matter.

On the one side there are those who believe that it is
proper for children to be spanked on occasions. There
are others who say under no circumstances should a
child ever, ever be struck physically. The whole
controversy is exasperated by extremes on both sides.

You may remember recently, Madelyne Toogood, the gypsy
mother of the Irish travelers. She was caught on video
striking her child with her fist and they took the
child away from her.

This past week in Atlanta, Georgia, the pastor of the
House of Prayer, went into jail to serve a term
because of instances of child abus ...

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