by Jerry Vines

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Giving Matters (5 of 12)
Proverbs for Parents
Dr. Jerry Vines
Proverbs 3:9-10

In the context of these verses are the words of
counsel from Solomon to his son. In the first verse of
the chapter he begins by saying, "My son." In verse 11
he says again, "My son." So these are words of
counsel, words of guidance, and words of advice from a
parent to a child - from a father to a son.

Knowing how to handle money can either make or break
your personal life and the life of your family. A
number of years ago, a Gallop Poll was taken and they
asked a number of families what was their biggest
challenge. Fifty-six percent of the families surveyed
said that their biggest challenge as a family was
economic problems - how to handle money. Knowing how
to hand your money is a major problem for many
individuals and for many families.

Handling money is kind of like handling nitroglycerin.
If you don't know what you are doing, it can be risky.
So we need to learn how to handle money.

I remember how I learned to handle money. Janet and I
had just married and we had purchased a little trailer
and moved down to New Orleans to go to graduate
school. I obtained employment there at the school on
the ground crew and also the clean-up crew. I made
$1.00 an hour. I had a maximum of 18 hours a week that
I could work if it didn't rain. That means the most I
would ever make in a week's time was $18.00. I gave
Janet $8.00 a week for groceries and we lived lavishly
on the rest. I had to learn real soon, in our
marriage, how to handle this whole matter of money.

You might be interested to know that the Bible has a
great deal to say about how to handle your money. In
fact, there are 500 verses in the Bible that have to
do with prayer. There are 2,350 verses in the Bible
that have to do with handling your money. Especially
is the book of Proverbs interesting in the subject of
handling money.

Proverbs is a book ...

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