by Jerry Vines

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The Strange Woman (4 of 12)
Proverbs for Parents
Dr. Jerry Vines
Proverbs 5:3-23, 7:6-27

I don't know if you read it this week, but there was
an interesting article in Thursday's newspaper about
moms and their relationship to their teenagers. In
this article it said that teenage girls who are close
to their moms are more likely to stay virgins,
according to researchers. The key for parents, experts
say, is not in talking about sex but being deeply
involved in their children's lives. Then it said that
new research released on teenage sex has found that
when families have meals together, when parents know
where their children are, and when they know their
kid's friends it is less likely that a teenager will
have sex during those teenage years.

The importance of parents can hardly be underestimated
in the training of their boys and girls and especially
in this area of sex. Kansas State University did a
study recently of 110 women in college. They tried to
determine where those young women got their
information about sex. They found that they got it
from friends, from the media, and from school courses.
They found that of thirty-five items of information
about sex, they got only two of those items from their
mom and none from their fathers.

So we are faced with a tremendously situation in
America. We are in a situation where teenagers are
getting information on sex from just about everywhere
except from their mothers and fathers. It is little
wonder we are in the mess we are in morally and sexual
matters in America when the average teenager gets
their idea of what is acceptable sexually from the
Hugh Hefners and the Jay Lenos of this world. The
average teenager will have watched 2,500 hours of
television. In many of those hours of television there
are scenes portrayed in the bedroom of sexual
intercourse. Four out of five of those scenes depict
couples who are having intercourse who ...

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