by Jerry Vines

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Children at the Crossroads (3 of 12)
Series: Proverbs for Parents
Jerry Vines
Proverbs 4:11-19

I think some of the fondest memories of my days, as a parent bringing up boys and girls, were those days when we would go on family trips. Do you know what I'm talking about? You get up at dawn and start off on a journey. Maybe you were going on vacation. I can remember how it was. ''We are going 600 miles and we aren't going to stop anywhere along the way. You better do everything you need to do right now. I'm not going to stop.'' You get just about to the city limits and they say, ''Are we there yet? Bulie has to go to the bathroom.'' In the back seat, one of them draws a line and says, ''This is my side of the car, don't you come over to my side.''

I'm going down the road about 70 miles an hour and they get in a fight back there. I look in the rear view mirror and say, ''Do you want me to come back there and settle that fight?'' They are thinking, ''Boy, I'd like to see that at 70 miles an hour.''

Then one of them says, ''Danny is looking bad at me.'' I say, ''Danny, look up here at me. Don't you look at me that way.'' It's on and on. Those family trips - how wonderful they are.

But what a wonderful thing it is when you get the family together before the sun comes up and it is a beautiful day. As the trip progresses the light gets brighter and brighter. Before it is over you have come to the completion of perfect day. It is rather interesting to me that the 18th verse of this chapter gives a beautiful description of what life is intended to be. When you serve the Lord, your life is to be like a well-lit highway that gets brighter and brighter and then you wind up in the perfect day in the land where there is no night and it will be perfect forever and forever.

That's what this 4th chapter is talking about - the pathway of life. Down in verse 6 it says, ''Ponder the path of thy feet and let all thy ways be established. Turn not to the right hand nor ...

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