by Jerry Vines

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How Not to Raise a Rebel (1 of 12)
Proverbs for Parents
Jerry Vines
Proverbs 1:20-22

I'm beginning a series of studies today which I am
calling, Proverbs for Parents. Today the message is
entitled, How Not to Raise a Rebel.

Suppose someone should just put in your hands a
diamond and say to you, "I would like for you to make
an engraving on this diamond. Be very, very careful
what you write because it will last for the rest of
the life of that diamond."

If you are a parent, that is exactly what God has done
to you in the gift of a child. When you became a
parent, God put into your hands a beautiful little
diamond - a boy or a girl. God is basically saying to
you - be very careful what you write upon the life of
that boy or girl because it will last for a lifetime
for them.

This matter of parenting is a very important and a
very crucial matter. I want to thank all of you who
are parents today who have brought your boys and girls
to our KidzPlace. I want to thank you parents who have
brought your kids to our preschool ministry. Those of
you who have brought your middle schoolers and high
schoolers today, I want to thank for taking seriously
the responsibility of parenting.

Someone said that parenting is the art of building an
adult out of a child. So, it is a wonderful
enterprise, a wonderful opportunity to be the parent
of a child. Too many times, along the way, something
that has intended to be a dream, has turned into a
horrible nightmare. There are parents who have had in
their hands that little soft, cuddly loving thing.
That little thing has turned into an unimaginable
terrible monster. So there is great concern about the
whole role of parenting.

Many parents are saying - is there a book we can read?
Could you point me to a book? I don't know about you,
but I have enjoyed reading the column of John
Rosemond. He is a Christian psychologist, specializing
in child psychol ...

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