by Jerry Vines

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What Makes Us Go (4 of 4)
Series: Evangelism 101
Jerry Vines
Romans 1:14-16

In the month of January I have been talking about the importance of evangelism. I have reiterated for you that the main business of the church of our Lord is evangelism. That is, getting the message of the good news out. The word, evangel, means good news. It is taken directly from the Greek New Testament. The word for gospel in the Greek New Testament is euaggelion from which we get the word, evangel. The good news is the evangel. Evangelism is the work of taking that good news about the death, burial, and resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ to those who have never been saved so they will repent of their sins and will turn by faith to the Lord Jesus Christ and be saved. That is the good news. That is the main business of the church. That's what we are all about. That's why we are here.

My reason for talking about this right at the first of this year is to refocus us as a congregation of believers on what our main business is. My purpose has been to get us ''on the go.''

When you read the New Testament it looks like everywhere you turn you will find that people were on the go. Jesus said to the disciples in the Great Commission, ''Go ye therefore and make disciples.'' Last Sunday morning I talked to you about Philip the deacon who went to witness to the eunuch. The Lord said to him, ''Arise and go.'' And Philip arose and went. He was on the go.

I remember the story about Legend who was healed by the Lord Jesus Christ. Jesus said, ''Go to thy friends and tell.'' Go! Tell! Everywhere you turn you are confronted with our Lord's go.

My life verse is Psalm 126, verse 6 which says, ''He that goeth forth and weepeth, bearing precious seed. . .'' so it looks like every where you turn in the Bible we are met with the command of our Lord to go as witnesses, to go as evangelists.

The Bible says we are to do the work of an evangelist. Not that all of us are evangelists by callin ...

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