by Jerry Vines

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Stop the Chariot (3 of 4)
Series: Evangelism 101
Jerry Vines
Acts 8:26-40

I'm talking to you the month of January about evangelism. Evangelism is the main business of the church. Evangelism is telling the good news of the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ for sin. Telling to those who need to know Him as Savior that if they will repent of their sin and receive Jesus Christ into their hearts and lives they can go to heaven when they die and they can have a wonderful life now. That is evangelism, telling the good news.

I talked last Sunday morning about building an evangelistic church. When you study the Bible you will discover that evangelism is the main business of the church. We want to be about the main business so we want to build a church that is evangelistic, one that tells people about the Lord Jesus Christ.

This morning I want to get down and personal. I want to talk you and about your involvement in the great work of the church, in the main business of the church, in the work of evangelism. I want to just talk about how you can fit in in this great activity of telling lost people that Jesus loves them so much that He died on the cross for them and that if they will receive Him as their Savior they can be saved, live for Him and go to heaven when they die.

I want to talk to you about how it is possible for you to be involved in this work of evangelism and along the way, in your life, you can have what I call a divine encounter. It is possible for people to have divine encounters in the work of evangelism. A divine encounter is an event played out on the earth, but obviously it is planned in heaven. Some of you had some of those kinds of events. When it was all over you came to understand that, though it played out in an earthly experience, it was an event which was obviously planned by God in heaven. You were involved in it. You became a part of this divine encounter. I've had many of them along the way in my life. There are m ...

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