by Jerry Vines

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Building an Evangelistic Church (2 of 4)
Series: Evangelism 101
Jerry Vines
Acts 9:31

Shortly after I completed college and seminary, I had my first church on the edge of Chattanooga. I was not there very long until I became a very frustrated pastor. I had the good fortune of being brought up in a church which understood the main business of church. The main business of the church is, of course, evangelism. That is, winning people to faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. So I knew what the main business of the church was to do. But I really didn't have any idea of how to go about that. I had been brought up in a church like that but I didn't know how you could build an evangelistic church. So in my search and in my desire to find out how to build an evangelistic church so we could have the church God wanted us to have, I was drawn to the book of Acts. As you study the book of Acts you will find what has been called infant's progress. You will find the birth and the development of a baby church. As you study through the chapters and the verses you will find just exactly what a church is intended to be and how a church is to go about its assignment.

I began to study the book of Acts and I noticed that along the way, in the book of Acts, there are certain summary statements about the church. In Acts 2 you get a little summary of the church of Jerusalem. You move along and there are little cameo pictures of the early church. Little snapshots. Little glimpses into what the church is intended to be.

In the process of that kind of study I came to Acts 9, verse 31. There we get a bird's eye view of what a church is intended to be. In that verse it said the churches had rest and they were edified. Then it says that walking in the fear of the Lord they were multiplied. What I found there is a picture of a church in perfect balance.

There is a tendency sometimes for churches to get out of balance. Sometimes the church puts all of the emphasis in one direction and d ...

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