by Jerry Vines

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His Name Is Emmanuel (2 of 4)
Series: What's in a Name
Jerry Vines
Matthew 1:22-23

We are talking about the birth of Jesus around some of the names of our Lord which were given to Him at His birth to try to help us understand what Christmas is all about and to know the real meaning and purpose of Christmas. We are calling it, What's in a Name.'' You may recall that last Sunday morning we looked at verse 21 where is said, ''Thou shall call His name Jesus.'' What a beautiful name, the name of Jesus!

Now we look at verse 22 and 23. When Jesus was born the Bible says that His name shall be called Emmanuel. Then he explains the meaning of it. He says the name, Emmanuel, means God with us.

We have no record that Jesus ever referred to himself as Emmanuel. Nor is there any record in the New Testament that anyone called Him Emmanuel. Yet, in the book of Matthew, it begins by saying, ''His name shall be called Emmanuel, which means God with us.'' Matthew closes his gospel in chapter 28 by the Lord saying, ''Lo, I am with you always, even unto the end of the age.''

His name shall be called Emmanuel. Matthew tells us that this name fulfills an Old Testament prophecy, an Old Testament promise that when Jesus was born His name should be called Emmanuel. Keep your place and turn back to the Old Testament. I want us to look at this Old Testament prophecy which promises of the birth of the Lord.

In Isaiah chapter 7, I want to just read this fascinating account which gives us the background of the naming of Jesus Emmanuel, which means God with us.

Ahaz was the wicked, godless king of Judah. He was under siege by Syria and Israel, the northern kingdom. So God sends Isaiah, the prophet, to Ahaz to encourage him and to call upon him to look to the Lord. In verse 10 it says, ''Moreover the Lord spake again unto Ahaz saying, Ask thee a sign of the Lord thy God, ask it either in the depth or in the heights above.'' The Lord is saying to Ahaz through Isaiah, you ask ...

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