by Jerry Vines

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His Name Is Jesus (1 of 4)
Series: What's In A Name?
Jerry Vines
Luke 1:26-32

I love everything about Christmas. I love the music of Christmas. I love the decorations of Christmas. I love the food of Christmas. I love the chocolate of Christmas. I'm well supplied with chocolate for Christmas. I love the story of Christmas. I love the names of our Lord which explain Christmas.

For the Sunday mornings of December I'm going to talk to you around the theme, What's in a Name? I'm going to try to explain to you the meaning of Christmas with a study of the Christmas names of our Lord. This morning I'm going to talk to you, What's in a Name, His Name is Jesus.

When Jesus was born, He was named Jesus. The naming of a child is always a very important time. Some of you are expecting a child and you have gathered together books of names. You are studying what you are going to name your child. The naming of a child is always a very special event. It is also a very significant event. Think long and hard about what you name your child because that is the name by which that child will be designated all the rest of the years of its life.

They did a study a number of years of ago and found that if a child has a very unusual name, that child is four times more likely to become a juvenile delinquent than others. Names can affect people. What you are called by can affect people. We all remember Johnny Cash's song, A Boy Named Sue. I heard some time ago about a man who appeared before a judge to petition to have his name changed. The judge said, ''What's your name now?'' He said, ''William Stinks.'' The judge chuckled to himself and said, ''I don't blame the old guy. What do you want to have your name changed to?'' He said, ''Bill Stinks.''

So the naming of a child is a very, very important event. When our Lord was born He was given many names. It has been estimated that there are over 700 names and titles of our Savior found throughout the Bible. I have a devotional ...

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