by Jerry Vines

The Joash Box
Jerry Vines
II Chronicles 24:1-14

If you have been a member of our fellowship for any
length of time, you will find this is a well-used
place in the Old Testament - II Chronicles 24.

My purpose this morning is to explain to you what
these boxes mean that are placed all over this
building. In front of you, you will see the old
original box, which is a replica of a box in this
chapter we are going to study. Then we have over a
dozen other boxes around the building, which is a
replica of this box, which is a replica of the box you
find in II Chronicles 24.

When folks tune in on television next Sunday morning
and see our Joash march, they may wonder what in the
world is going on. Somebody might say, "That's the
silliest thing I ever saw in my life. Look at those
people walking by those boxes and putting stuff in."
When they find out that you are putting in commitments
and pledges and offerings and those kinds of things,
probably somebody will say, "That's absolutely the
most ridiculous activity I ever saw."

Most people are down on what they are not up on. If
they don't understand what's going on they are
probably down on it. You really have to, with the
subject of giving and how our church makes its
commitments for the coming year. I have been a
preacher for almost 50 years and I have really come to
believe that giving is probably the most sensitive
subject that a preacher ever deals with. I believe it
is more sensitive than when you preach on sex. It is
more sensitive than when you preach on political
matters. The matter of giving has a way with hitting a
hot spot with people when you talk about it.

I heard about a pastor who was trying to raise money
for a multi-million dollar building program. He
decided he would wire the pews electrically. On a
particular Sunday morning he said, "We need some folks
who will give $500 to the building fund." He hit a
button and ...

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