by Jerry Vines

Reasons to Tithe
Jerry Vines
Malachi 3:8-10

''Will a man rob God?'' What a question!

I have three purposes in my message this morning. My first purpose is - if you have never received the Lord Jesus as your personal Savior, before this service is over, I want to bring you to the point where you decide that you will receive the Lord Jesus Christ into your heart and be saved.

My second purpose is to talk to those of you who are tithing and to encourage you not only to give the Lord the tithe, but also to do as we are told in verse 8 - give our tithes and offerings.

My third purpose is to encourage those of you who know the Lord (not lost people), if you are not a tither to begin to give the Lord a tithe. The word, tithe, means one tenth of your income. I'm looking for tithers this morning.

I heard about a couple of men who had crashed and were marooned on an island. The first man just went to pieces. He said, ''Oh, we are lost, we are lost. There is no hope. It's all over. We are not going to survive.''

The second man laid down and very calmly went right off to sleep. When he woke up the other man was still in a state of panic. He said, ''My gracious alive, how can you go to sleep and be so calm? We are never going to get out of this thing alive.''

The man said, ''Oh, don't worry about it. I make $10,000 a week.'' The other man said, ''What in the world does that have to do with it? Ten thousand dollars a week won't rescue us from this island. How can you be so calm just because you make a lot of money?''

He said, ''You don't understand. I make $10,000 a week. I'm a member of a Baptist church and I am a tither. I can assure you that my pastor will find me.''

So I am looking for tithers this morning. You may already have your resistance built up today. You may already have decided - I don't care what that preacher says, he ain't going to get me to tithe.

I was reading a book by a professor of communication at Western Kentucky University ...

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