AMEN! COME! (32 OF 32)

by Jerry Vines

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Amen! Come! (32 of 32)
Series: Revelation
Jerry Vines
Revelation 22:17-21

These are the last words of the book of The Revelation. We have been on a journey together, studying through the book of The Revelation, and I must tell you that from a personal perspective these weeks and months that we have studied The Revelation have been a special blessing to me. I have studied this book and I have preached through it numerous times in my ministry. But I think, this time of all of the times, God has blessed me personally. I feel like I have grown in my Christian life. I feel like I love the Lord Jesus Christ more tonight because of having studied this book than any other time in all of my life.

With mixed feelings in my heart, we come to the last words of the book of The Revelation. Of course, you recognize also the fact that these are the last words in the Bible. God concludes the canon with these words. God wraps it all up in this book of The Revelation. If there were no book of The Revelation, someone would have to be inspired to write it because the Bible would not be complete without this word. There would be many unanswered questions for us if we didn't have this book.

We would not know, for instance, how history was going to conclude. We would have no idea how human history was going to end. Yet in the book of The Revelation we are told just exactly how it is all going to conclude. If we didn't have a book of The Revelation we wouldn't know what would be the outcome of the devil. We know that the devil is real. We know that the devil is working. He is alive and well on planet earth tonight. We wonder what would take place with the devil. If we didn't have the book of The Revelation we would know, but aren't we glad we have a book which tells us that one of these days the devil is going to be cast into the lake of fire.

We need the book of The Revelation because it tells us how human history will conclude. It tells us how the devil is going to be ...

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