by Jerry Vines

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Heaven's Main Street (30 of 32)
Series: Revelation
Jerry Vines
Revelation 22:1-5

John is taking us on a tour of the New Jerusalem. What
a revelation this must have been to the old man, John,
on the Island of Patmos. There in a cave, in a dismal
situation, separated by sea from loved ones and
friends; God opened up heaven and gave to this old
man, John, this marvelous, magnificent vision of our
future home-the place we call heaven.

John has been taking us on a tour of this New
Jerusalem, our future home. As we have seen he has
given us beautiful descriptions. Now he is just kind
of putting the finishing touches on the picture. It's
as if John is saying to you and to me and to all of
God's people through the ages, ''I know that you are
going to live in a weary worn-out world. I know that
along the way you are going to get tired on your
journey. Let me just paint you a beautiful picture of
your future home and let me just drop this picture in
your heart. Along the way, when you get weary and a
little bit down, pull out this magnificent picture of
heaven and see the beautiful land to which one of
these days you are going to go.''

When you are young heaven may not mean quite as much
to you as it will later on. The older you get and the
further along you go and the closer you get to the end
of the journey, the more and more and more meaningful
heaven will become to you. What a beautiful place is
this heaven.

I heard about a little girl who was walking one night
with her father. As they were walking along she grew
very quiet and her father said to her, ''What are you
thinking?'' The little girl looked up into the heavens
and said, ''I was just thinking if heaven with all of
its stars is so beautiful on the outside, I wonder how
beautiful it is going to be on the inside.'' John gives
us a journey to the inside and shows us what heaven is
going to be like on the inside. John describes this

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