by Jerry Vines

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Our New Home (29 of 32)
Jerry Vines
Revelation 21:9-27

It seems like we just started this a few weeks ago and
we are rapidly coming to the conclusion of our study
of the book of The Revelation. We are looking this
evening at the subject of our new home. How would you
like to have a brand new home? I'm going to tell you
about your new home-your home of the future in the
book of Revelation beginning with verse 9 of chapter
21. This is John continuing to tell us about this
magnificent vision God gave him.

In the concluding chapters of the Bible, the
concluding two chapters of the book of The Revelation,
we are told about the eternal state. I ask the
questions this morning-one hundred years from now,
where will you be? The Bible tells us that after time,
there is going to be eternity. According to the
teachings of the Bible, in eternity there is a hell to
shun and a heaven to gain. If you are a child of God,
if you are one of God's own, if there has been this
time in your life when you repented of your sins and
received Jesus as your personal Savior; then the Bible
tells us that when time is no more and eternity
begins, you are going to be in a wonderful, wonderful
place called heaven-the eternal state.

The Bible teaches that you have to make reservations
for this eternal home. Sometimes you make reservations
for the big game. Or maybe there is a special event
that you would like to attend. But you have to make
reservations. You have to get your tickets early.
Well, the Bible tells us that if you are going to
heaven you have to make reservations for heaven.

First Peter 1, verse 4, says that we have an
"inheritance incorruptible and undefiled and that
fadeth not away, reserved in heaven for you. You have
to have reservations for this wonderful place called

When Jesus went back to heaven He went back primarily
to do two things. Number one, He went back to heaven ...

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