by Jerry Vines

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There's a New World Coming (28 of 32)
Jerry Vines
Revelation 21:1-8

Chronologically we are coming now to the end of time.
We are making the transition from time into eternity.
The Bible tells us that there will be a period when
time will be no more. You won't need your watches in
that day. Time won't matter anymore. We will move
from chronology to eternity. We will move into the
eternal state.

All the way through the book of the Revelation we have
been pointing toward this time. We have been coming to
the time when God says He will make all things new and
now He begins to give us in beautiful language a
description of the eternal state.

Much of what we read here defies our ability to
understand. It is difficult for us to grasp the things
that are mentioned here. The concepts which are given
to us here are beyond the categories of our thought
and our understanding. We are not able, with human
language, to adequately portray what God has to say
about the eternal state.

The key to what we find in these verses is in verse 5.
There God, upon the throne, makes the announcement,
"Behold I make all things new." So in these
introductory verses to the last concluding chapters of
Revelation, we have some new things that are laid
before us that will give us some inkling of an
understanding of what the new eternal state is going
to be.

I. New Creation

He tells us in verse 1 that there is going to be a new
creation. John says, "I saw a new heaven and a new
earth." Here is a prediction that there is going to
be a brand new heaven and a brand new earth.

I remember reading a number of years ago about Mark
Twain who was quite an author. Someone said to him, "I
hear the world is coming to an end." Mark Twain
replied, "That's all right, we can do without it." He
was talking in jest, but the truth of the matter is-we
can do without it. The Bible makes the prediction here
tha ...

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