by Jerry Vines

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The Marriage in the Sky (23 of 32)
Jerry Vines
Revelation 19:l-10

At the very outset of the book of The Revelation we
are given the theme in the 7th verse of the 1st
chapter. In that verse it says, "Behold, he cometh
with clouds and every eye shall see Him." There is
the announcement of the return of the Lord Jesus
Christ. It is the one great climatic event toward
which all events of human history are pointing. One of
the days the Lord Jesus Christ will return, with His
saints to this earth. Behold he will come with clouds.
The Bible says every eye will see Him.

All through our study of the book of The Revelation,
we have been anticipating and we have been longing for
the return of the Lord Jesus Christ. We are soon to
that time given to us in the Word of God, when Jesus
Christ will come through the gates of glory with His
saints and He will return to rule and to reign on this

Now we must move to another theme. We now come to a
tremendous shift in scene. One of the things that is
helpful for you as your study the book of The
Revelation is try to understand where the scene is
placed in the narrative. You ask yourself the
question-is this scene taking place on the earth or is
this scene taking place in heaven? You will notice at
the conclusion of verse 18 we are told about those who
were slain upon the earth. Clearly what we have just
studied previously has to do with an earthly scene.

Now, in chapter 19, verse 1, the scene changes. It
says that he hears a voice of much people in heaven.
In the 19th chapter the scene changes from the earth to
the heaven. In this chapter the church reappears. You
may remember that the last mention of the church in
these earlier chapters is at the conclusion of the 3rd
chapter. There we are told about the seven churches
and as that chapter concludes, the word, churches, is
mentioned. The word, churches, is not mentioned again ...

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