by Jerry Vines

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The Collapse of the Global Economy (22 of 32)
Jerry Vines
Revelation 18

Before the Lord Jesus returns to this earth to set up
His kingdom, it is necessary that the kingdoms of this
world be destroyed. First John 2:17 says, "The world
passes away and the lust thereof." So before our
Savior comes back to this earth, what we know as the
world system is going to be destroyed.

The world system is presented in a figure of speech in
The Revelation 17 and 18. It is given to us under the
figure of Babylon. In these two chapters we will
notice that there are two aspects of the godless world
system presented to us. In chapter 17 there is
religious Babylon. Apostate religion has to be removed
before Jesus returns to the earth. In chapter 18 we
have a picture of commercial Babylon. Commercial,
without God, has to be removed before the Lord Jesus
Christ returns to this earth. "The world passes away
and the lust thereof."

We are told specifically at the conclusion of the 17th
chapter that Babylon is a city. Verse 18 says, "And
the woman which thou sawest is that great city, which
reigns over the kings of the earth."

The question has enticed Bible believers and Bible
students and Bible teachers through the years is-is
this a reference to a literal Babylon? If so, is
Babylon going to be rebuilt? There are many who do
believe that the ancient city of Babylon is going to
be rebuilt. They believe this on the basis of some Old
Testament prophecies which seem not to have been
fulfilled as they relate to the city of Babylon.

Turn to the 13th chapter of Isaiah sometimes in your
study. Look at Jeremiah 50-51. You will find in those
prophecies about Babylon some prophecies that have not
yet been fulfilled. When you read those predictions of
the destruction of Babylon you will discover that the
destruction predicted is going to take place during
the time known as the day of the Lord, which we k ...

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