by Jerry Vines

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Armageddon and the Middle East (20 of 32)
Series: Revelation
Jerry Vines
Revelation 16:10-21

All of us have been following in recent days and weeks, with a great deal of interest and concern, the events unfolding in the Middle East. Perhaps you have already heard today that the Israel forces are pulling out of Nablus. They are also partially pulling out of Ramallah. They have pulled out of Jenin and a great portion of the Gaza Strip. We are told that they have continued to surround the compound of Yasser Arafat.

The question arises-is this the beginning of Armageddon? Are we witnessing what is unfolding in the Middle East, the beginning indication of Armageddon?

The word, Armageddon, has become a part of our vocabulary. Back at the conclusion of the Second World War, General Douglas Macarthur in 1984, when he signed the peace treaty with Japan, said this. ''We have had our last chance. If we will not devise something greater and more equitable than war, Armageddon will be at our door.''

The main players in the Middle Eastern conflict are these: the nation of Israel (Israeli state) and the Muslim nations which are around them. The great concern is this. If the war continues to rage in Israel, perhaps there will be a strike toward Syria. If that be true, then Syria will insert itself into the battle. At some point along the way there is a concern that maybe there will be an invasion and attack from Iraq. It might be that all the Arab nations of the world would convene on the nation of Palestine; the nation of Israel and this could be the conflagration that cannot be stopped. This will be the beginning of the end. It will be the beginning of the battle of Armageddon.

There are key players. There is the nation of Israel and there is also the Muslim states. But there is another key player who is not yet on the stage. He may be in the wings, but we have not seen him step upon the stage of human history. I'm referring to the beast or the antichrist. ...

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