by Jerry Vines

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Heaven Closed (18 of 32)
Series: Revelation
Jerry Vines
Revelation 15:1-8

The Revelation 15 goes with the 16th chapter. It is a lead-in to what we find in chapter 16. Though it is the shortest chapter in all of the book of The Revelation, it is a chapter which sets the stage for the final outpouring of the judgments of God upon the earth.

Perhaps as we have been studying the book of The Revelation, you have thought-there's a whole lot of judgment here. Maybe that has been disturbing to you. It is not pleasant for me to preach about judgment. I do not like to preach about the word, wrath-the wrath of God. But there are two matters I think we need to consider as we come to this point in The Revelation. Number one, we must be aware that what we are dealing with here is the Word of God. I didn't write these verses. This is what God has given to us. It is my responsibility to study and to preach and to deliver the message. It is our responsibility as God's children to receive the Word of God. So whatever the subject matter might be, we must always keep in mind- it is the Word of God-it is to be studied and it is to be received.

Another thing I think we need to keep in mind is that though the book of The Revelation is primarily a book of judgment, it is going to come to a glorious conclusion. All of the judgment, all of the wrath, all of the negative things we are finding in the book of The Revelation really will serve as a backdrop that will make the glories and the splendors of God's heaven even more wonderful and brighter.

The book of Revelation closes in heaven. The last two chapters give us a magnificent vision of the glories and the wonders of heaven. So all of this judgment, all of this wrath is just setting the scene and preparing our hearts so that we will be able to see how wonderful and how glorious heaven is going to be.

In that connection, this chapter closes in a rather interesting and astonishing way. When you come to the last verse o ...

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