by Jerry Vines

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Angel Messages (17 of 32)
Jerry Vines
Rev. 14:6-20

In the whole chapter of Revelation 14 you have
something like a brief pause in a bitter battle. It's
as if the troops have come to a summit and they look
at the summit around them and they look at the valley
below where the battle is going to continue.

In the first five verses we have been looking at Mount
Sion. It's as if the Holy Spirit, in the midst of all
of the Great Tribulation activity has given us this
pause in the battle on the earth and has given us a
magnificent vision of Mount Sion.

Looking at the valley below, to the things which are
following, he gives us a series of pictures
anticipating what will take place in Revelation 14
right on in to the 19th chapter. So you have a pause,
anticipating the things that are going to take place.

You will discover as you read through these verse in
the remaining portion of The Revelation 14, that we
have a flurry of angelic activity. You will notice one
angel after the other. You will notice the repetition
of the statement, another angel, another angel,
another angel.

In ancient Greek dramas it was impossible for them to
stage everything that took place in the drama on their
stages at that time. So when they would get to places
that could not reasonably be portrayed on the stage,
they would have a messenger. He was called an angel.
The word, angel, means messenger. This angelic
messenger would announce what was taking place in the

For instance, if the city was burned, the messenger
would announce that the city had been burned. Or if
there was a battle upon the sea, the messenger would
announce that there was a battle on the sea. Then the
drama would go forward. What you have in these verses
is something similar to this. A series of angel

I want us to read about the first one in verse 6.
There is first of all an angelic message of-


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