THE LAMB AND THE 144,000 (16 OF 32)

by Jerry Vines

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The Lamb and the 144,000 (16 of 32)
Jerry Vines
Revelation 14:1-5

If the book of the Revelation closed with the 13th
chapter, we would be filled with despair. But when we
turn to the 14th chapter of The Revelation, the opening
verses, we get a brighter picture. Sometimes the
blackest storm gives way to the loveliest sunset.
Sometimes the storm comes and the sky is dark and
black and there is thunder everywhere. You think it
will never be bright again and then all of a sudden
the storm subsides and the sun comes out and there is
a lovely, gorgeous sunset.

This is really kind of what you find when you come to
Revelation 14. We have been looking at the things
which will transpire on this earth during that period
of time known as the Great Tribulation. Beginning with
the 6th chapter and going all the way through the 19th
chapter, we have the vividly, graphically described
for us those things that will take place on the earth
during that time of great tribulation. It is about a
7-year period of time.

As we read these verses we must never allow ourselves
to get discouraged. The Holy Spirit is constantly
bringing before us again a brighter side of the
picture. In these verses we have a beautiful picture
in heaven. It is a heavenly scene. It shows us quite a
contrast. In the previous chapter we saw the beast on
the earth. In this chapter we see the lamb upon the
throne. In the previous chapter we saw those who
received the mark of the beast which was the mark of
doom. Now, we see those who receive the name of their
father on their forehead. In the previous chapter we
have looked at those who dwell on the earth-those who
have made their decision that this earth is the only
world there is so they have put their roots down in
this earth.

In chapter 14 we see those who are dwelling in heaven.
John says in verse 1, "I looked and, lo, the Lamb."
How refreshing it is to see th ...

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