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The Woman... Dragon... Child (13 of 32)
Jerry Vines
Revelation 12

The 19th verse of the 11th chapter would more properly
go with 12th chapter. There it says, "An the temple of
God was opened in heaven, and there was seen in his
temple the Ark of the Covenant." Normally the ark was
enclosed in the holy of holies. Now, in the heavenly
scene where we have the realities of which the earthly
matters are mere symbols, the ark of God is now
exposed. It's the symbol of the holiness of God and
the covenant of God.

Then we have the percussion of deity. "There were
lightnings, and voices, and thunderings, and an
earthquake, and great hail." It's almost like a
prelude to a great orchestral event-to a great
symphony-a great orchestration. Here is the opening
prelude. We hear the roaring of the thunder. We see
the clashing of the lightning. There's an earthquake
and great hail.

Then we have the substance of the 12th chapter. I want
you, in your notes, to put down chapters 6-11 and
right under that put down chapters 12-19. Actually, it
is important for us to understand the connection
between chapters 6-11 and now chapters 12-19. What we
have here is what is known in Bible interpretation is
the law of recurrence. It is the law which says,
"Sometimes the Holy Spirit, in giving us truth, will
go over some territory and then the Holy Spirit will
come back again.

We find this law of recurrence in the book of Genesis,
the first two chapters. There are some people who say
when you read Genesis 1 and Genesis 2 they are
contradictory. In chapter 1 it gives day 1 and finally
you get to the 6th day and it gives the creation of
man. Then they say when you turn to Genesis 2 the
creation of man is mentioned first, therefore, the two
chapters are contradictory.

This is a failure to understand the law of recurrence.
The way of the Holy Spirit in using the semantic
approach of writing in th ...

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