by Jerry Vines

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The Coming World Revival (7 of 32)
Jerry Vines
Revelation 7

Revelation 6-19 detail for us that period of time
which the Lord Jesus Christ called Great Tribulation.
Jesus told that there would be a time on the earth,
after the rapture of the church, that will be Great
Tribulation on this earth. We have in chapter 6-19 a
vivid and a frightening description of that period of
time. It is given to us in a series of sevens. There
are seven seals that are opened. There are seven
trumpets that are sounded. There are seven bowls that
are poured out. A series of seven seals which describe
for us the events that will transpire on the earth
after the Lord Jesus Christ catches His born again
ones up into the air to go home to be with the Lord.

In Revelation 6 we have had the beginning of the
opening of these seals. Six of the seals have been
opened in Revelation 6. When you turn to chapter 7,
verse 1, you expect to find the opening of the 7th
seal. We've had six of them one right after the other.
That is not what you find. In fact, you do not find
the opening of the 7th seal until the 8th chapter,
verse 1.

This lets us know that what we have in chapter 7 is an
interlude. It is a parenthesis. It is a pause in the
action, if you please. For some purpose there is an
interlude and the Lord suspends judgment in our
reading in the narrative and draws aside the veil and
shows us two very unusual and wonderful visions.

Over in the book of Habakkuk 3:2 there is a prayer
which says, "In wrath remember mercy." It is a prayer
that when God's wrath is poured out that somehow in
that wrath God would remember His mercy. We find this
is exactly how God operates. You study the Passover
and you will study that passage that talks about the
fact of the death angel passing over in the land of
Egypt. Right in the middle of that wrath, God has a
plan of mercy for all of those who apply the blood of ...

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