by Jerry Vines

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Jerry Vines
Revelation 6:1-17

We are going to try to do a survey of this entire
chapter this evening. I am purposely moving through
the book of Revelation a little bit faster because I
want you to get the whole thing in a bigger, broader
view than maybe I have done it previously. Another
thing, I want to get it done because the Lord may come
if I take too long.

The Lord Jesus up in heaven took the seven-sealed book
from the hands of the Father on the throne. We believe
that this seven-sealed book is the title deed for the
redemption of the earth. God's future unfolding plan
for the earth. He is going to open up these seven
seals, one by one.

We have quite a change in scenery from the previous
two chapters. In the beginning of the 4th chapter we
have what we believe to be a symbolic representation
of the rapture, when the Lord Jesus Christ calls His
own to be caught up to meet Him in the air.

Then in chapters 4 and 5 we have the worship around
the throne. The key word in those two chapters is "the
throne." In chapter 4 we see creation and the redeemed
praising God and worshiping God for creation. In
chapter 4 we see them worshiping God for redemption.

All of heaven is filled with the worship of the Lamb.
They are singing and rejoicing in heaven, "Worthy is
the lamb that was slain." That's what we are going to
do, ladies and gentlemen, when we get to heaven. We
are going to praise God for the Lamb forever and
forever and forever.

But there could hardly be a more dramatic change in
scenery because we move now from the worship in heaven
to the wrath on the earth. In verse 1 it says, "As it
were the noise of thunder." There is a storm coming.
There is judgment ahead. There is going to be wrath on
the earth. These verses begin what we call the period
of the Great Tribulation. The Bible predicts that
there will be a Great Tribulatio ...

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