by Jerry Vines

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Think Your Way to Joy (7 of 8)
Journey into Joy
Jerry Vines
Philippians 4:4-9

During the Sundays of the summer we have been pursuing
an abbreviated study, not a verse by verse necessarily
study, of the book of Philippians around the thought,
Journey Into Joy.

Do you realize you can actually think your way into

You may recall when we began our journey into joy,
following the words of the Apostle Paul under the
inspiration of the Holy Spirit, I pointed out to you
that the theme of Philippians is the Joyful Christian
mind. As you read through this little letter, you will
notice many, many references to the subject of joy -
rejoicing in the Lord. You will also notice that many
references are made to the mind. He mentions this in
these verses of Scripture. He talks in verse 8 about
thinking on these things. He's talking about the mind.
Philippians is the book which has to do with the
joyful Christian mind and how to have the joy of the
Lord in your life. As you read through Philippians,
though Paul did not necessarily intend it this way,
you will discover that there are some thieves along
the way that can rob us our daily joy.

In the first chapter the thief of circumstances can
rob you of joy. In the second chapter, people can rob
you of joy. In the third chapter, things can rob you
of joy. When you come to the fourth chapter, he deals
with the worse thief of them all - the thief of worry.
Worry is wrong thinking about circumstances, people
and things. When we begin to think wrong, then we
begin to worry.

Anybody here this morning who ever worries? Anybody
this past week who has had some worries on your mind?
The biography of many people in America and
unfortunately too many Christians is hurry, worry, and
bury. Worry can have definite physical consequences.
We now know that worry can cause high blood pressure.
Worry can cause ulcers. Worry can give you migraine
headach ...

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