by Jerry Vines

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The Joyful Relays (5 of 8)
Journey Into Joy
Jerry Vines
Philippians 3:12-16

These are some of my favorite verses in all of the
Bible. In the third chapter of the book of
Philippians, Paul gives three rather interesting
pictures of what the Christian life is like.

In the opening verses of the chapter he says that the
Christian life is like being a bookkeeper. He says we
are to get out the balance sheet, look at the credit
column, look at the debit column, and then look at the
profit column. The Christian life is like bookkeeping,
learning how to properly evaluate things.

At the end of the chapter we are going to notice that
the Christian life is like a traveler, aware of the
fact that we really don't belong down here, but that
our citizenship is in heaven.

So keeping our minds on those things which are up
ahead, we are travelers as we are moving through this
world. Now, in these verses which I have read to you
this morning, he gives another beautiful picture of
what the Christian life is like. He compares the
Christian life to a runner. He says we are like
runners, running in a race.

When you read the letters of the Apostle Paul, you
will be aware very soon that Paul evidently was a fan
of sports. I can well imagine that as he made his
missionary journeys he would drop by the stadium to
see one of the athletic events. You read his letters
and you will find they are filled with references to
athletic terminology. He talks about boxing. He says,
""I'm not a shadow boxer." He talks about wrestling.
"We wrestle not against flesh and blood." In these
particular verses, he goes over to the stadium and he
is witnessing a race. He looks at that race and
evidently he draws the comparison and says that you
and I, in the Christian life, are like runners in a

Now, I'm a sport's fan. I enjoy many kinds of sports.
I especially like football. I'm looking forward to the
footba ...

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