by Jerry Vines

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The Mathematics of Joy (4 of 8)
Series: Journey Into Joy
Jerry Vines
Philippians 3:1-11

I have talked with you about the way to spell joy. We know the way you spell joy - J O Y - Jesus, first; others second; and yourself last. Today, I’m going to tell you about the mathematics of joy.

Of all of the writings of the Apostle Paul, the book of Philippians is the most intimate and personal in nature. Actually, as we read these words, Paul is sharing from his own life and testimony what Jesus Christ means to him and how Jesus Christ has marvelously changed his life. In the course of following this testimony of Paul, you and I are being taken on a very fascinating journey into joy.

Along the way, as we move through these chapters of the letter, we encounter in the life of Paul some of those factors which can rob us of our joy. In the first chapter he talks about his circumstances and very often circumstances can rob us of our job. Yet, in spite of difficult circumstances, the first chapter is filled with a note of joy because Paul has a single mind. His mind is focused on Jesus Christ.

When you come to the second chapter you have another thief which can rob us of our joy and it is other people. When people do things we do not want them to do or when they do not do the things we would like for them to do, that can rob us of our joy.

In chapter two Paul has a submissive mind. He has learned the way to have joy is to live your life serving other people. When we come to the third chapter he brings up another item that can cause us to lose our joy. He talks about the matter of things.

In verse 7 he says, “But what things. . .” Again in verse 8 he says, “I count all things. . .” He talks about the loss of “all things.” Things can rob us of our joy. Now, there’s nothing wrong with things. In Genesis 1 when God created the world, the Bible says that God looked on every thing which He had made and behold they were very good. The Bible makes it v ...

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