by Jerry Vines

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How to Spell Joy (3 of 8)
Journey Into Joy
Jerry Vines
Philippians 2

The book of Philippians is God's book of joy. As you
read through this book you will learn the wonderful,
wonderful lesson of how you can have joy in your
personal life.

When I was just a little fellow in Sunday School they
taught us how to spell joy. I know you spell it j - 0
- y. But they gave me how you really spell joy. Jesus
first, others second, and yourself last. Put Jesus
first in your life. Put others second in your life.
And then put yourself third in your life. If you will
do that and live that way, then you will have joy in
your heart.

By nature, most of us are rather self-centered, aren't
we? It's not real easy for us by our nature to put
other people before us. We tend to be a little bit

I heard about two little boys who were riding on a
hobbyhorse. One of the little boys said, "If one of us
would get off, then I could ride better."

"I had a little tea party this afternoon at three.
Twas very small, three guests in all - just I, myself
and me. Myself ate all the sandwiches. While I drank
up the tea. Twas also I who ate the pie and passed the
cake to me."

We can all identify with that can't we?

In this second chapter of this marvelous book of
Philippians you will notice that two times in verse
three and also in verse four, we are told about
others. Other people, living for other people, can
bring great joy into your life. People can be a source
of joy or people can rob you of your joy. Sometimes
people can rob us of our joy because they do the
things we do not want them to do. Or they can rob us
of our joy because they don't do the things we want
them to do. But I would remind you that people are
people. They have minds to think. They have emotions
to feel. They have wills to act, just like you and I
do. We cannot control the actions or the behavior of
other people. But we can c ...

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