by Jerry Vines

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Where the Healing Waters Flow (12 of 12)
Ezekiel Series
Jerry Vines
Ezekiel 47-48

This is our climatic message in our studies through
the book of Ezekiel. This rather unusual, remarkable
series of visions which God gave to Ezekiel, who
ministered to God’s people in days of captivity when
they were in exile. We have not gone chapter-by-
chapter or verse-by-verse, but we have tried to give
you the highlights and the essence of the message of

This evening we are looking at chapter 47, briefly at
48 and we’ll conclude with the last verse.

To locate us in context we must remember that this is
in the midst of the final vision of the glory of God
which the Lord God gave to Ezekiel. It is a vision of
the millennial temple. It is a temple which the Bible
predicts is going to be constructed and will serve as
the worship center for the world during the thousand-
year reign of Christ. It’s a remarkable section of
Scripture. I must tell you that I have been involved
in some study in my own personal Bible study through
this series that I have not been in before. When we
come to this particular passage this evening about the
healing river where the healing waters flow, this is
one of the most special and one of the most blessed
portions in all of God’s Word to my mind and heart.

The millennial temple is one of the most amazing
structures in all of Scripture. It is a temple that is
going to be used as I have indicated to you for
worship during the millennial reign of the Lord Jesus
Christ. We saw in our previous study that sacrifices
are going to be offered in this temple and that has
raised the question—why will there be sacrifices? I
took the position that these sacrifices are going to
be commemorative in nature and will be used as a
teaching tool. We are told that this temple is going
to have a holy of holies—a most holy place. But there
is no reference to an ark of the covenant the ...

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