by Jerry Vines

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Ezekiel Series
Jerry Vines
Ezekiel 43:13-44:31

Ezekiel 40-48 gives us an added dimension to the
millennium. We have studied the millennium in
Scripture. We have studied it in the book of the
Revelation. We know that the Bible predicts that there
will be a period of one thousand years on the earth
when Jesus Christ returns to the earth to rule and to
reign. For one thousand years, Jesus Christ will reign
and will administrate the government of the earth
during that period of time. It will be a time, we are
told in the Bible, of peace. It will be a time when
people learn war no more. It will be a time when the
desert will blossom as a rose. A very fabulous, a very
remarkable and fascinating period of time in
Scripture—the millennium--at the end of the age when
Jesus comes back to the earth. The Bible says that
God’s people will rule and reign with Jesus during
this one thousand year reign.

Ezekiel has given to us another component, another
aspect of the millennial reign of Christ and it is the
fact that there is going to be during that period of
time a temple constructed. There is going to be a
millennial temple. When you read chapters 40-48 you
will find the blueprints given to us for this
millennial temple. I have taken the view that this is
going to be a literal temple. It is not going to be
figurative. It is not going to be just something with
mere symbolic significance, though symbolism is
involved here. It is going to be literal. I take that
position primarily because you will find in these
chapters minute details given about the dimensions of
this temple. It doesn’t make any sense to have all of
that minute detail given to us if it is not going to
be a literal millennial temple.

During the millennial reign of Christ, this temple is
going to be constructed in Jerusalem and Jerusalem and
this temple will become the worship center of the
e ...

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