by Jerry Vines

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The Coming Millennial Temple (10 of 12)
Ezekiel Series
Jerry Vines
Ezekiel 40:1-43:12

We are going to study for a few weeks what may be the
most difficult section in all of the Bible to
understand. It is certainly one of the most difficult,
if it is not THE most difficult section in all of the
Word of God to really understand and to know what is
intended to teach.

It is imperative for us, if we are going to understand
it, to remind ourselves of the setting. Ezekiel was a
prophet of God. He had been trained to be a priest,
but God stepped into his life and called him to be a
prophet. He was to be a prophet to the captives of the
children of Israel who were in the land of Babylon.

There seemed to have been two mindsets among the
exiles in Babylon. There were those who were living in
denial. They saw the contemporary scene. They saw the
international scene around them and yet they were just
living in denial. They didn’t want to face the facts.
It’s like a lot of people are in America. They look at
the things that are taking place and they just kind of
live in denial. We are in serious times in America,
but some people just go their way as if we are not.
To those people who are living in denial, God through
Ezekiel had some strong messages of judgment. You will
read through the book of Ezekiel and find that some of
the strongest messages about the judgment of God in
all the Bible are contained in these prophecies of

But there was another group of people. There were
others who were living in despair. They saw the
situation. They were aware of the seriousness of the
times in which they lived. It had caused them to be
filled with despondency and despair. There is no hope.
They had come to a position of hopelessness.

Back in Ezekiel 37 we had the vision of the dry bones
that came together and became a mighty army. The
setting of that vision is given to us in verse 11
where ...

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