by Jerry Vines

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Fall of the Anointed Cherub (7 of 12)
Series: Ezekiel
Jerry Vines
Ezekiel 28:12-19

There are three main divisions to the book of Ezekiel. The first 24 chapters have to do with the fall of Judah. These were prophecies that God gave to Ezekiel before Jerusalem fell. Then chapters 25-32 give us the foes of Judah—those enemy nations around God’s people. When we come to chapters 33 right on into the conclusion, we have the future of Judah. It’s going to be a brighter picture because God reveals to Ezekiel a brighter day coming for the people of God.

I have selected this 28th chapter, right in the midst of the second main division, which has to do with a series of judgments which God pronounces upon the pagan nations around Judah and Jerusalem. He pronounces judgment upon the Ammonites beginning back in chapter 25. Then he mentions judgment against the Edomites. Then when you come to the 26th chapter he begins a series of prophecies and judgments which God reveals to him directed against Tyre. King James spells it Tyrus.

In this 26th chapter is one of the most remarkable examples of fulfilled prophecy in all of the Bible. One of the ways we know the Bible is true is by fulfilled prophecy. For instance, there are prophecies in the Old Testament about the first and the second coming of Jesus. Someone has said that there are over 300 prophecies, about the first coming of our Lord, given to us in the Old Testament. When Jesus came, every one of those prophecies, to the minutest detail, was fulfilled. Fulfilled prophecy is one of the great evidences for the inspiration and the authority and accuracy of the word of God. The prophecy which is made here in chapter 26 against Tyre was fulfilled to the exact detail.

Notice down in verse 3 he gives the first prophecy. “O Tyre, I will cause many nations to come up against thee.” In verse 4 he makes a second prediction. “And they shall destroy the walls of Tyre, and break down her towers.”

The third pr ...

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