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SOUR GRAPES... Children’s Teeth (6 of 12)
Ezekiel Series
Jerry Vines
Ezekiel 18

“The word of the Lord came unto me again, saying.”
This is Ezekiel. God is speaking to this man, Ezekiel.
What we have here is a series of messages by Ezekiel.
Beginning in chapter 4 we have a section, the first 24
chapters really, tell us about Judah’s fall and the
judgment of God coming. These are prophecies God gave
to Ezekiel before the siege of Jerusalem.

Then you come to chapters 25 right on in to 31 and 32
and you have Judah’s foes. It talks about the enemies
of the people of God and God’s judgment of them. Then
when you hit chapter 33 and to the end of the book of
Ezekiel you will have Ezekiel’s future. That’s where
the messages turn positive and God paints a bright
picture of what He is going to do for the nation of
Israel in the future.

Now, we are right in the middle of these judgment
passages, right before the fall of the city of

Judgment is getting ready to come on the people of God
and the exiles are taking the position that they are
not to blame for the judgment which is coming. Rather
they are putting the blame on their ancestors. They
are saying that the sins of their ancestors are the
reason why the judgment is coming. They are innocent
in the matter. They are simply suffering the results
and the punishment which is due to the sins of their
ancestors. They are basically saying - we are not to
blame for what is taking place; we are not personally
responsible. They are refusing to take any personal
responsibility for the circumstances and the situation
in which they find themselves.

Irresponsibility is a problem that is with us today.
Not many people are willing to take responsibility for
their own personal behavior and actions. Between my
college days and my days in graduate school I took off
a year to try to get a little money to go to seminary.
In addition to bein ...

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