by Jerry Vines

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When the Glory Goes (5 of 12)
Ezekiel Series
Jerry Vines
Ezekiel 9-11

You will note in verse 3, mention is made of the glory
of the God of Israel. The glory of God is one of the
prominent features of the prophecy of Ezekiel. We will
find several visions of the glory of God throughout
Ezekiel. Actually, glory is one of the key concepts
of the whole Bible. I did a study a number of years
ago on the word, glory, and I found out that the word,
glory, in the Old Testament and in the New Testament
occurs almost 400 times.

In Romans 9th chapter and 4th verse, when it is talking
about the advantages that belong to the children of
Israel, among the things it names are these: In
chapter 9, verse 4, it says about he Israelites—to
whom pertains the glory. The glory of God was
peculiarly attached to the children of Israel.

The word, glory, is the Hebrew word, kabod. Its root
meaning is the idea of weight or worth. The weight of
something was that which gave worth to it. So the
Bible talks about the glory of God. The glory of God
means the worthy weight of God in all of its splendor
when God chooses to reveal himself to his people.
Wherever God is—it is glory. Whatever God does—it is
glorious. You can trace this concept of the glory of
God in the life of His people all through the Old

In the Old Testament you may remember that when the
children of Israel came out of the land of Egypt and
were going through the wilderness to the Promised
Land, the Bible says there was a glory cloud that met
them and led them. By day, it was a cloud. At night,
it was a pillar of fire. This glory cloud, which was a
symbol, a representation of the presence of God in all
of its splendor among His people, directed and
illuminated and protected the people of God all the
way through their wilderness wanderings.

When they constructed that portable place of worship
known as the tabernacle, when all of ...

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