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The Pictures in Your Mind (4 of 12)
Ezekiel Series
Jerry Vines
Ezekiel 8

In the fourth chapter of the book of Ezekiel we begin
the messages which God gave to Ezekiel for the people
who are in captivity. It is a section that has to do
with the fall of Judah and the fall of Jerusalem. God
is predicting that Jerusalem is going to totally fall
and that there is going to be great judgment upon the
nation. When we come to the 8th chapter the Lord is
going to give the reasons why this is true. He is
going to justify the righteous acts of God. He is
going to justify God’s judgment upon the people and
show in these verses why this judgment is coming to
pass. Keep in mind God has said to Ezekiel, Ezekiel,
you can’t talk unless I open your mouth. He is sitting
in his house. He is all bound up. The elders, we are
told in verse 1, that is the leaders of Judah, have
come and they are sitting before him and in that
situation he says, “The hand of the Lord God fell upon

Now, in a vision, he has a vision of the likeness of a
man in verse 2. Then in verse 3 he has a vision in
Jerusalem of the glory of the Lord.

In the second verse we are told about this appearance
of a man and if you will remember back in the first
chapter we had a similar vision in verse 27 and
following. We believe that this may be a pre-
incarnation picture of Jesus. In the Old Testament,
from time to time, there seemed to have been pre-
incarnation revelations of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Here is this appearance. The brightness of fire and
the color of amber—evidently a manifestation of the
Lord Jesus Christ.

In verse 3 Ezekiel says that this appearance of a man
took him by a lock of the hair. By the Holy Spirit
took him in visions to Jerusalem. We raise the
question—was this a bodily matter? Did God bodily
take him back to Jerusalem? That’s 600 miles away. Or
did God do it spiritually, in a vision. It’s hard to
tel ...

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